• Episode 225 – Meet MarkWHO42

      We start our journey on ODYSY Radio with some Doctor Who news, mix in some Star Wars Disney cocktails, and add an Umbrella Academy to boot. Oh, and add some music to the mix with Lewis Capaldi’s #1 UK hit Someone You Loved while talking about the video starring his relative Peter Capaldi. But before we are done, host Mark Baumgarten and cohosts Trish Freyre, Eduardo M. Freyre, Zion Quiros, and Iggy Mathews all talk about their Geek Creds! Listen here. Or listen on online radio network ODYSY Radio… but LISTEN! MarkWHO42! We go Beyond the WHOniverse on our new Odyssey! Or Download it here!

  • Episode 224 – We See The Seer

      If Marvel and DC can do it then so can we. MarkWHO42 is going back to our original numbering system from when we started in 2012. And on this week’s show we have Eric Douthitt, creator of the comic book The Seer and Eduardo M. Freyre (one of our cohosts) who is one of the writers of the comic. We talk about the book and independent publishing.

  • MW42-006 – A Hill of Beans and the Blue Moon

    MarkWHO42 welcomes back special guest Jessica Martin from classic Doctor Who‘s The Greatest Show in the Galaxy starring Sylvester McCoy as the 7th Doctor. We talk to her about her character Mags, the punk werewolf, her impressions from her early career on Spitting Image, her upcoming memoir, her artwork which lead to Richard Dinnick and her 7th Doctor story for Titan Comics, and her upcoming Big Finish main range Doctor Who stories coming this April. We also have Sci-Fi news which includes Doctor Who and the new Alfred Pennyworth Batman prequel series as well. Plus we made our great announcement about ODYSY Radio and our part in it! MarkWHO42! Making…

  • MarkWHO42 goes on an Odyssey – ODYSY Radio

    Starting the first Monday of March at 9pm Eastern, MarkWHO42 returns on internet radio on ODYSY (pronounced Odyssey) Radio. We will be on weekly with new episodes and the station will be putting us in different time slots too so we air at a good listening hour for different time zones. You can find ODYSY Radio at ODYSY1.com and other radio players like iHeart Radio and Soundcloud. In fact, you can listen to ODYSY anywhere!

  • MW42-005: …A Thousand Words

    This time on MarkWHO42, Mark Baumgarten, Patricia Freyre, and Zion Quiros interview Raine Szramski, Doctor Who fan artist extraordinaire, talking about her love of Doctor Who and her artwork. She is an amazing talent who has actually done some professional work for Titan Comics and other books. (scroll down for podcast) Raine’s Redbubble Doctor Who store is at https://www.redbubble.com/people/rainesz?asc=u Raine’s Patreon Page is located at https://www.patreon.com/raineszramski and her Facebook artpage is at https://www.facebook.com/artofraineszramski/ Plus, in the news we talk companion’s Yaz‘s future, Bill Maher‘s insensitive and irresponsible rant on fandom, and future Star Wars attractions at the Disney parks. MarkWHO42! We changed our name back but still will cover Life,…